Frank W. Daly, ESQ. LL.M
Frank W. Daly, ESQ. LL.M Frank W. Daly, senior partner and founder, has been practicing law for over 35 years. He brings a wide background of experience to the practice of law. As a result, his practice is diverse. His undergraduate degree from Villanova University is in Accounting. He worked his way through college and law school by being employed by a local CPA firm. He taught Accounting Courses at Dickinson College while completing his Juris Doctor Degree from the Dickinson School of Law. After obtaining his law degree, he obtained a graduate law school degree in taxation from Temple Law School.

While being a full time lawyer in general practice he served 10 years as Mayor of Media. In fact, it was Mayor Daly who originated the town’s slogan of “Everybody’s Hometown.” Mr. Daly has been practicing law in Media for over 35 years handling a broad range of clients' legal issues. He has also served as municipal solicitor of Media Borough and Nether Providence Township.

On a professional level, Frank Daly has served as solicitor for numerous boroughs and townships in Delaware County in a variety of capacities.  He has gained  vast experience and expertise in a myriad of issues that effect the lives of each and every individual living in or doing business in Delaware County.  While serving as solicitor he has handled the sale and purchase of major utilities in Delaware County while preserving the jobs of the employees of the company.  Preservation of “open space” has also been a top priority for Frank and he has had significant experience working with the National Lands Trust organization.  His commitment to quality of life issues are present in his every day undertakings.  His support of local organizations are numerous as well as his service in them.  Frank has been a long time coach for the Media girls softball league and as he traverses the streets of Media his well known face is recognized and acknowledged with a smile and a friendly “hello” from many of the passersby.  He has volunteered in the local schools to read to the children and has served as a “big brother” in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.

Serving as a Zoning Solicitor has given Frank the ability to look at both sides of a particular issue as each zoning request has a residual impact on a variety of fronts.  Over the years Frank has worked side by side with many of  the local architectural and engineering firms to achieve the most advantageous result for all of the parties involved.  His high regard in the community along with his expert negotiating skills gives a definitive edge to those whom he represents.

Frank is an accomplished trial attorney. He obtained certification as a Fellow of the Academy of Temple University. He is also a member of the American Inns of Court. Frank has successfully handled cases in Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court and Superior Court. On the Federal level Frank has successfully handled may Appellate cases including the Federal Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. His true talents as a lawyer are in getting to the heart of a complex legal issue, the ability to explain it in practical non-legal terms to those involved and most importantly, arriving at a favorable result for the problem, whether through negotiation or litigation.

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